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Original, funny, cool. Technical running apparel for stylish athletes.


Original. Funny. Cool. Running t-shirts for the fashion conscious.


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We talk about nutrition, training and fun facts about running

  • Importance of Electrolytes for runners
    Publicado: 05/19/2021 13:26:33 | Categorías: All , Nutrition

    It may seem like a fantasy, but in our body, in addition to blood and other fluids, electricity also circulates. And this is due to the action of minerals known as electrolytes, which are, among [...]

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  • 10 tips for running in warm weather
    Publicado: 08/03/2020 16:30:46 | Categorías: All , Training

    summer = high temperatures = running challenge increase   It’s a very simple and direct fact that certainly all you runners out there have experienced!   However if you enjoy to pursuit that [...]

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  • Thanks, thanks, thanks
    Publicado: 03/26/2020 10:21:22 | 1 comment | Categorías: All , Curiosities

    Hoopoe turns four this week. Four years of intense work in which thanks to our cool runners we can make a positive balance. And although we know that now is not the time to celebrate it, at [...]

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