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Thanks, thanks, thanks

Published : 03/26/2020 10:21:22
Categories : All , Curiosities

Thanks, thanks, thanks

Hoopoe turns four this week. Four years of intense work in which thanks to our cool runners we can make a positive balance. And although we know that now is not the time to celebrate it, at least we want to thank you very much.

When we celebrate our birthday we always think about our history, what we have done well and not so well, what we have still to do and how we can do it better ... Saying that "we work every day pursuing our core values” is a very typical phrase, but the truth is that we are like this. We take it very seriously.

With that initial idea of ​​creating the world’s coolest technical running apparel we have strived to find the best suppliers, the best designs and the best shopping experience.

We are committed to manufacturing in Spain and Portugal, using the best textile printing technology and optimum technical quality. We have reached agreements to improve our environmental impact and practice an increasingly responsible manufacturing model.

It’s a fact that we have not always won every race, it has not been easy, much less cheap ... But we will always be very grateful.

We do not know what will happen in the next times. Right now we don't even want to tell you to go running in style because we really can't go running these days.

But of course, we can not stop moving and thinking about the future. A very positive future and with many new features that we have been working on for a long time and that we will tell you about very son ;-)

Thank you so much for staying there in the race with us!

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Jose Luis

03/26/2020 17:02:08

material de buena calidad. me encantan los calcetines de oso perezoso(folívoros o filófagos). seguir innovando.

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