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Importance of Electrolytes for runners

Published : 05/19/2021 13:26:33
Categories : All , Nutrition

Importance of Electrolytes for runners

It may seem like a fantasy, but in our body, in addition to blood and other fluids, electricity also circulates. And this is due to the action of minerals known as electrolytes, which are, among others, sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphate, magnesium and chlorine obtained from what we eat and drink. We will try to explain you shortly the importance of electrolytes for runners!

The so-called nerve signals that the brain sends to the rest of the body are facilitated by the action of electrolytes, therefore they are of extreme necessity for the total functioning of the organism. It also performs other functions such as balancing the water level in the body, maintaining the body´s pH level, transporting nutrients to the cells and eliminating their waste and, as mentioned above, ensuring the full functioning of the muscles, the heart, the nerves and the brain.

This chemical substance is really effective when mixed with water, since it is precisely at that moment when they manage to perform their main functions, such as rebuilding damaged tissue (wounds), balancing blood pressure, hydrating the body and regulating nerve function and muscular function.

The main sources of electrolytes are fruits and vegetables, which happen to be important sources of sodium, calcium, potassium and bicarbonate.

Taking all this into account, the consequences of not maintaining a balanced level of electrolytes must be taken into account, specially in old adults. This imbalance can lead to serious health problems, such as spasms, symptons of weakness, seizures and heart rhythm disturbances.

In short, it may seem that electrolytes are one more reason to consume fruits and vegetables in more appropiate amounts, but we must be aware that these chemical substances turno ut to be of vital importance for the functioning of our body. Specially in the cases of both amateur and professional runners, since this is a case in which the body is subjected to constant physical efforts that require high energy consumption.

For this, it is essential to ingest food and drink that provide the necessary natural resources to avoid any unforeseen events. And nothing better than what allows our body to function properly, since the moment of the emission of brain signals until each part of our body receives them.

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