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  • Importance of Electrolytes for runners
    Publicado el: 05/19/2021 13:26:33 | Categories : All , Nutrition

    It may seem like a fantasy, but in our body, in addition to blood and other fluids, electricity also circulates. And this is due to the action of minerals known as electrolytes, which are, among [...]

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  • Main nutritional tendencies for this year
    Publicado el: 02/06/2019 13:16:27 | Categories : All , Nutrition

    The new nutritional tendencies for 2019 bring flavors that reminds us to the Pacific-coast area. Regarding ingredients, the usage of the hemp is a hot-topic, brought by the legalization of [...]

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  • Which fruits we should eat if we run
    Publicado el: 10/10/2017 11:48:45 | Categories : All , Nutrition

    Whether we practice sport or not, it’s important to include fruit in our diet, as it’s a food with very little calories, much fibre, and carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, saccharose), and also ma [...]

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  • The properties of drinking infusions when we run
    Publicado el: 09/29/2017 11:51:26 | Categories : All , Nutrition

    Infusions, apart from hydrating us, are natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. They are use millenniums ago and nowadays they are attractive especially for being healthy and ecologic, and a [...]

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  • Is collagen important for running?
    Publicado el: 08/07/2017 10:10:45 | Categories : All , Nutrition

    What is the collagen? The collagen is the most abundant protein in our organism (in a 30%), and it’s the main component in the connective tissue. It’s essential in our body’s flexibility, as it [...]

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  • The importance of hydration during sport
    Publicado el: 06/02/2017 18:09:27 | Categories : All , Nutrition

    Hydration during a race is essential not only because of the final result but also because of injuries. Our organism needs a certain quantity of water to work properly, avoid the performance [...]

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