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about us
The idea: "cool sports apparel".

Hoopoe Running Apparel was born from a very simple idea: "I would like to run with cool sportswear, which really represents me".

By saying "cool" we don't mean shirts with funny messages or inspiring quotes to show the world, although we must admit that we love it!

At Hoopoe we put all the creativity in our sportswear, for people like us who practice sports for pleasure and fun, with optimistic designs that bring a smile to your face. But we also create sportswear for those who value the quality of the details and search for products developed through increasingly responsible manufacturing.

Because being cool is on the outside, but above all it is on the inside. So we trust on unique designs, work on each detail and select perfect texture and grammage, incorporate textile technology, sublimation printing, manufacture in Spain and Portugal and invest in policies that improve our environmental impact.