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10 tips for running in warm weather

Published : 08/03/2020 16:30:46
Categories : All , Training

10 tips for running in warm weather

summer = high temperatures = running challenge increase


It’s a very simple and direct fact that certainly all you runners out there have experienced!


However if you enjoy to pursuit that extra mile (as we do ;-) ) during this challenging conditions, it’s important to consider some guidelines and understand how your body reacts when facing high temperatures.


Usually with warm weather, our body increases sweat production, our heart rate increases, our blood vessels dilate and if not managed properly eventually some heat-related illnesses may arise.


To avoid problems, common sense is key so just follow these tips and enjoy:


  1. Manage your expectations

Considering temperatures will be high, every runner will be uncomfortable at some point during each run. Having this, you can’t expect to maintain same performance as before. If you try to maintain your regular pace, it will be more challenging so, managing your expectations accordingly is important to avoid frustrations or some injury due to additional effort to maintain the usual pace.


  1. Plan your route

Plan in advance your route to avoid running in direct sunlight as asphalt and cement absorb heat and transfer it to you. A good alternative is to run in the woods, as it’s fun, adds variety to your training and it’s great to explore those shady trails. At same time, you will run slower due to rough terrain so your heart will appreciate.


  1. Avoid heat peaks

One basic tip but always good to remember. During summer period, choosing the right time to your running routine is critical. Avoid running between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and start early in the morning or during evening instead. It’s much cooler, you will feel and perform better.


  1. Wear adequate apparel

If you are following us for some time, you already read something about this. For some time, we defend that wearing proper and quality garment, does make the difference. And with high temperatures is not only an exception but even more important! As we sweat more, using breathable clothing is key to let your body breathe and be cooler by pulling sweat away and avoid discomfort.


  1. Protect yourself

Cover all your skin that is exposed to the sun with sunscreen. Due to the sweat it’s important to be waterproof sunscreen and don’t forget to cover those places we often forget to protect (who never!) like back of your knees, your ears and neck.


  1. Start slow

It’s important to give time to our body to adjust higher temperatures so, start slow, avoid intense trainings during hottest days and increase your workout intensity gradually so your body acclimate.


  1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

The most basic and easy to avoid heat disorders. Before, during and after your workouts. It never hurts to remember!


  1. Be alert to your body signs

Even following all tips & tricks it’s important to be alert and understand our body signs. If you feel intense thirst, muscle cramps, headaches or dizziness during your workout you should stop immediately, find a shade and hydrate to avoid a potential heatstroke. Confidence is good but in excess could be our worst enemy when running in high temperatures.


  1. Pro tip: consume electrolytes                                                       

During warm conditions it’s common to sweat more so, the replenishment of electrolytes is key and drinking only water is definitely not enough.

Drinking or eating electrolytes-based products, with vitamins and minerals like potassium and sodium, helps prevent dehydration. There’s plenty of options out there but, stay tuned and we promise to further explore this topic soon.


  1. Keep smiling

Yes, keep smiling! Smiling makes you feel good and research studies shows that it’s very challenging to feel good and bad simultaneously so… better to smile and enjoy!!  :-)

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