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The properties of drinking infusions when we run

Published : 09/29/2017 11:51:26
Categories : All , Nutrition

The properties of drinking infusions when we run

Infusions, apart from hydrating us, are natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. They are use millenniums ago and nowadays they are attractive especially for being healthy and ecologic, and a natural resource.

Firstly we need to know, what is an infusion? It’s a drink obtained from fruits or aromatic herbs put in boiling water, including tea, coffee, chamomile, rooibos…

In the case of tea, it’s obtained by infusing various parts of tea tree, which contain theine, similar to caffeine as for molecular structure, and also stimulating, so they have slight variations but the same effect.

Tea is perfect to hydrate when we do sport, and also it contains antioxidants and helps in the digestion and urine output. However, we should take precaution, as tea can cause sleep disorder, nervousness, or even diarrhea associated to stimulating drinks in runners. There are several types of tea depending on its maturation:

-Red: high content of theine, fatburner, and cholesterol redactor.

-Black: high content of theine, it has antioxidants, satiating, and low fat.

-Green: low content of theine, it’s antioxidant, it postpones the aging signs, it purifies, it helps in eliminating liquids, it’s digestive, antifat, helpt in losing weight, reinforce the immune system, it has vitamins A, B and c, sodium and minerals.

-White: low content of theine, it has vitamins C and E, it’s antioxidant and diuretic.

-Blue: low content of thein, antioxidant, it reinforces the immune system, it regulates cholesterol, it reduces blood pressure and it contains vitamins and minerals.

What can we drink apart from tea?

-Chamomile, liquorice or fennel infusions help us with gastrointestinal inflammation and improve the digestion.

-Ginger infusions (anti-inflammatory), lemon balm or lemon verbena are good to relax.

-Lavender or thyme are ideal to get to sleep and prevent having a cold, before going to sleep.

-Rooibos is another alternative to tea, it has no theine, and it has plenty of properties, among them: it helps the digestion and the intestine, it has many minerals, it’s purifying, it helps in losing weight, it’s antioxidant and avoids the nervousness.

 As for the quantity, as long as we drink infusions without theine there’s no limit, as it’s a beneficial quantity of water, and in case of tea the limit is two cups if it’s black or red, and three for the rest.

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