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Is it possible to train breathing?

Published : 12/15/2017 12:33:37
Categories : All , Training

 Is it possible to train breathing?

Breathing correctly when we are running is vital for the development of the activity. For our muscles to function properly they need oxygen, so optimizing the way our body receives that oxygen is key to being able to do this sport.

To train our breathing when we go for a run, the best way to do it is to run, it's that simple! When we start in this sport, we have to be careful with the rhythm at which we breathe. It is essential to start running at a pace where you can breathe easy and have a perfect command of your breathing. Over time, your performance will improve and your breathing will adapt. We have to be patient and not want to start with very high rhythms, because our respiratory system is not used to it and causes fatigue to appear earlier than normal, forcing us to stop and perhaps discouraging us to see that our race time was not as expected.

Proper breathing in any sport prevents flatus as much as possible. Flatus is an abdominal pain that, among other causes, may be due to the lack of blood reaching our diaphragm, due to the lack of oxygen. Therefore, when we go for a run, if we adapt our rhythm to our breathing, we can prevent this pain.

Try to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth as much as possible. This way, especially in winter when it is colder, we protect the larynx and lungs. When the exercise is very intense, the air we inhale through the nose is short and we need to do it through the mouth. Thus, the protection of the larynx and lungs is nowhere to be found, but we obtain a greater amount of oxygen, necessary for the activity we are carrying out.

Following these tips, breathing will not be an obstacle to progress and increase your performance by running, but will help you achieve your goals.

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