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Why do we just have short-sleeve shirts?

Published : 06/23/2016 13:35:14
Categories : All , Product

Why do we just have short-sleeve shirts?

This is one of the questions people ask us when we present our products, and the explanation is quite easy…

We are aware that a complete range of running shirts should have the singlet or the tank top, the most “professional” runner’s classic shirt, the sleevless, which was very fashionable a couple of years ago, the same as the ever short-sleeve one, which is the one we have, and the long-sleeve, which we love but actually is the least sold.

But the problem is that a small project cannot start on a large scale! Because of production and stock issues, we are not able to start covering so many references, which is also the same with pants or socks as an example, so we have focused in making the best short-sleeve shirts as possible.

Firstly, we have decided to do it with the raglan sleeve, a kind of sleeve which is characterized because it is extended in a single part from the neck, covering the shoulder and leaving a diagonal sewing from the armhole to the clavicle, which provides an undefined look to the garment, and is very used in sport garments, since it allows freedom of movement.

Then, another important thing was creating a collar not much tight or wide.  Of course here it will be difficult to get it right with all the collars, but we believe that we reached that balance so it is not too tight up and is not too wide and opened.

In the woman model, the collar is different, since what we wanted here was a wide collar, the decision was if make it round or in a V shape. Finally and after many surveys we decided for the round one (although we confess it was not absolute majority!)

Another clear decision from the beginning was that the back length would be slightly larger than the part in the front. Our distinguishing point was to make a lateral opening, which is normally seen in polo shirts, and it indicates clearly the length difference in both sides of the shirt.

With those details and also the softness and breathability that Dry Clim fabric offers, we truly believe that when you wear a Hoopoe short-sleeve shirt you can feel the difference and forget that we don’t have more shirt models!!

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11/07/2016 10:13:29

Buenas, os conocí en la feria de la Bilbao night, y reconozco que me encantó el proyecto. El caso es que buscaba precisamente otros dos modelos que vi allí y que no tenéis en catálogo, además de un petate que compré en Bilbao. Hay manera de acceder a ello?, se acercan las navidades

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