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New lower prices! And an explanation...

Published : 03/04/2020 12:41:25
Categories : All , Product

New lower prices! And an explanation...

“Since 2016 we keep working everyday to support our core values…”  Such a typical sentence, isn’t it? We hear and read it in so much corporate communications that it seems that core values don’t have value anymore.

We have endeavored so that our clients go for a run with cool clothes, with an original design that inspires and represents them. But we have also opted for european manufacturing, the use of the best textile printing technology and impeccable technical quality. We have reached agreements to improve our environmental impact and practice an increasingly responsible manufacturing model. We have not always won, it has not been easy, much less cheap. But today we can celebrate it.

Today we lower the prices of our t-shirts and our technical neck tubulars because we can, because thanks to the trust of our customers today we are wiser and bigger and as a consequence, our costs have improved. And if they are better for us, they also have to be for all the cool runners :)

So for all those who do believe in the value of the compromised brands, our short sleeve shirts from today will be 24.90€ and technical neck tubulars at 12.90€.

Our customers have shown us that what we do does have value, so we will continue working on that line, to continue sharing with them more good news.

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