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Fly Running

Published : 02/07/2018 12:57:02
Categories : All , Curiosities

Fly Running

Mountain sports are currently experiencing a boom. There are well-known modalities such as trail running or ultra-trail, but each time new sports associated with running are appearing in the mountains.

Fly running is based on a vertical descent through the mountain at the highest possible speed. A new way to release adrenaline that has more and more followers. Its fans say that the feeling they have when they practice it is of "flying" because their feet stop touching the mountain for seconds on numerous occasions.

This mode can be very attractive to the most daring runners. Running through the mountains and enjoying the views is always a pleasant experience, but doing so on steep slopes at high speed is not within everyone's reach and precautions are recommended to prevent injury.

During the years 2016 and 2017 the Fly Running Series have been carried out, although for the time being they are suspended for 2018. They consist of a circuit of three tests, located in the Catalan Pyrenees, in which first a qualifying round is carried out, in which the competitors start individually every few seconds, and depending on the time obtained, a second race is carried out, in which the runners start by the drawers. Both races add up to the final classification of the race. We hope that this summer the competition can return.

For these races in the mountains, good equipment is essential. There are plenty of waterproof shoes with a good grip on mountain surfaces. Special attention should also be paid to T-shirts, which are made of a good material, totally breathable, light and comfortable. For this, our Hoopoe Running technical t-shirts offer incredible performance, as well as very different designs, to be the coolest runner in the mountain.

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