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the team
Passionate about sports and living a dream of creating a different and funny brand.
Thanks so much for your support!.
since 2016

One day we thought that, like us, many runners should think "I would like to go jogging with cool clothes." Yes, pretty: original colors, out of the standard, impeccable quality, a design that feels good ... That's why we decided that we should create a brand that provides all this and also represents values ​​in which we believe. What we mean is that we have done this thinking of athletes like you, different people looking for something different.


Hoopoe Running Apparel is founded in 2016 by a Portuguese based in Asturias. Tiago is passionate about marketing, sports, his family and long time runner. With 2 marathons proudly finished and many more half marathons, always finishing closer to the last than the first, but at each finish he feels that unique satisfaction of fulfilment as if it were the first race of his life (yes, that feeling that only who runs knows what it is :) )


Victoria has been around the Basque Country, Castile and Madrid before returning to his native Asturias. She loves going out for some drinks, to travel and for shopping. Always between fabrics and labels, running doesn’t do much ... But of course, she’s a jogger and gives everything in zumba. Besides that, ”doing pilates also sweat.”


Daniel is a Portuguese who currently lives in Madrid and despite taking his life doing other sports, after his first running race in 2006, he hasn't stopped… After 10k and some half marathons, the eternal challenge that he's missing is to finish a Marathon! He loves to travel and to contact with people that's why he's our commercial guy. If you’re curious about our Hoopoe Club, you will hear new news from him to.


Bernardo finished his first marathon in 2008 with Tiago in London. Such a long time ago!! Many years have gone by with no serious training but running the 42k again is still in his mind. Once you try the flavor of running a marathon it sticks with you forever…