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textile technology
Don't wear anything

A Hoopoe is not a simple clothing that you wear to run... you can feel the difference since the very first moment. We investigate, test and select only technical fabrics sing the latest textile technologies. The result... clothing made to sweat and ensure maximum comfort, adapted fit to your physiognomy and soft and light endings to finish any race you propose without anything bothering you.
#sublimation always 

For clothing that need printing we always use textile sublimation, with sublimation you can print full color designs so that the ink adheres directly on the fabric maintaining breathability, avoiding the adhesions and friction typical of other printing techniques. Therefore we ensure an unbeatable finish.
# high performance fabrics:

The human body reacts to temperature, humidity or physical effort releasing energy. This energy is transformed into sweat that must be removed as quickly as possible to avoid sudden variations in body temperature. DryClim® manages to accelerate the elimination of sweat without chemicals and permanently, so we use this fabric in all our short sleeve T-shirts.

Fabrics made with DryClim® technology have two layers of different functionality:
- Inner layer: special micro fibres channel humidity towards the outside and allow a good level of breathability.
- Outer shell: micro fibres absorb the humidity which has been channelled from the inside, making it evaporate faster and allowing the skin to breathe.
The DryClim fabric is permanent and has no chemicals which improves breathability, keeps the body cool, prevents adhesions and provides maximum comfort achieving a fast drying.

Microfresh fabrics, developed with microfibers to improve comfort, facilitate rapid dispersion of sweat thanks to its structure and the type of fiber used. Our bandanas are made with Microfresh to improve breathability, keeping the body cool, dry and without adhesions, guaranteeing maximum comfort and providing a quick drying. The fabric contains micro polyester fibers, which quickly absorb and evaporate moisture, avoiding heat concentrations. We also, We include a thermal layer inside protecting runners in more challenging thermal circumstances.
#poliamide based yarns

While polyester is especially used in thermal garments, polyamide aims to offer more resistance and lightness to sportswear. Therefore, at Hoopoe we use polyamide yarns for our ultralight running socks.
Polyamides are considered as one of the most versatile technical
Polymers and offer greater durability to clothing:

-Anti Bacterial function
-High wear resistance
-Good deformation resistance
-High aging resistance