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For each shirt sold, we will plant a tree!

In Hoopoe Running Apparel we are concious that climate change, deforestation and CO2 emissions deserve urgent consideration. Since the fondation of the Brand, we are focused on suport and practise a responsible fabrication model. Producing our articles in Europe, we can check and guarantee quality standards and ensure compliance with laws and regulations regarding respect for the environment and the rights of workers.For this reasonwe decided to contribute, adn for every running t-shirt sold a tree will be planted. To achive that, we are going to collaborate whit the asturian start-up Bosquia, which is dedicated to collective reforestation.

Bosquia works with many city councils and public administrations, which owns many lands which they are reforesting. trees that will be planted will be of a native species of the area included within the autonomous planting frames.

When you buy your Hoopoe Running running t-shirt, you are not only wearing a high quality technical garment, you also are contributing to improve the environment, helping reforestation and reducing the environmental impact of CO2 emissions.