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What is lower back pain?

Published : 09/18/2017 11:08:31
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What is lower back pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries in runners. When we run, our body follows series of jumps, moving in a coordinated way our joints, and the low back is essential in this balance. Exercises to reinforce the back must be done as if not, from the 30 years these pains will appear stronger.

Lower back pain appears as a result of several elements, which can be these: incorrect posture in running, lack of technique, previous injuries, weakness in core muscles, poor flexibility, overweight, running in slopes…

When this pain appears we should seek an specialist help, in order to avoid hernia, broken invertebral discs or sciatica.

To prevent lower back pain, we should use adequate trainers according to our type of step, stretch all the muscles after running, to correct and improve wrong postures, try to run in soft areas, tone the core muscles with exercises, stretch after training and warm up correctly. In case of serious pain, we can also have massages or reinforce exercises in lumbar musculature or even go to a physiotherapist.

To reinforce the back, it is also recomendable to do back stretching or to do training to reinforce our back (like swimming).

To finish, we should have in mind that running emphazises much in our back, as impacts over our invertebral discs and generates rigidity in it, mobilizing our whole body in a coordinate way, so we should have an adequate muscular body and pay attention to our running technique.

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