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The Hoopoe Collections

Published : 07/21/2016 00:07:37
Categories : All , Product

The Hoopoe Collections

In our running #fancyshirts offer, we have created 5 different collections, every one of them with its style and features. As for the cut and measurements of the shirts, this is the same for all of them, but the design is completely different.

In the collection Plain Colour, our idea is to make shirts of just one colour, but following the Pantone year colours. Pantone Inc. is an American company, which created Pantone Matching System, an identification, comparison and communication system of the color to the graphic arts. This system of chromatic definition is the most recognized and used, and that’s the reason why normally we call Pantone to the colour control system. And what is the best is that every year since 2000 they choose “colour of the year”, which means, the colour that according to their experts is the one most relevant for that year.

And we will have running shirts with the “colour of the year”.

The Attitude collection itself is the most anticipated. In this one we put very visible motivation messages for the runners. In a shirt which colour is not fluorescent (of course!) we will be able to read messages as “I run, you walk” or “May the course be with you”.

When we talk about Flags collection we may be aware of what this is about…

These shirts are inspired in World Countries Fags. We start with EEUU, Canada, and Mauritius Island, but we will have more after not many orders. What we can assure is that some of them will be Ethiopia and Kenya, our small tribute to two countries which have contributed in a big way to the global athletics.

The Patterns collection is the favourite one of the designers.

There are not creative limits in these designs!

Every shirt has patterns like the Scottish squares or the naval one with anchors, everything to manage to #runwithstyle.

And eventually, the City Running collection, the one we are fonder of, since it’s the more personalized in every city, with all its monuments and attractions in an urban circuit without end.

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