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The fabric is Dry Clim

Published : 08/20/2016 11:07:21
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The fabric is Dry Clim

One of the pillars of our offer is the quality of the garment. And to get that choosing a good fabric was essential, so we searched in the market the best providers of technical fabrics and we found Sportwear Argentona, a company in Barcelona, founded in 1997, and currently with 70 employers in its staff.

It’s a leading company in its sector, with a high technology application and certified with the important Oeko-tex® Standard 100. A company that has a wide range of technical fabrics for different uses, the Dry Clim among them, a patented brand that we can find in some garments of other sport bands.

The big global sport brands have R&D departments and own factories which allow them even to create their own patents, but we in Hoopoe are smaller and we have to count on the technology which exists in the market. Now, we always look for the best one available and manufactured in Europe!

The human body reacts to the different temperature situations, humidity or effort activities, using energy. The increase of energy is transformed into sweat which we should try to eliminate as quickly as possible, as if it remains under the skin, the temperature of the body increases and produces more sweat.

We should therefore try that the fabric we have inside our skin absorbs and move the humidity away of it with the top speed, to annul this effect and allow a quicker drying and in that way increase considerably the breathability.

Having got that, we have a range of fabrics, with benefits like comfortable use, breathability, skin adhesion and capability of drying, above the average in most of the aspects.

Those fabrics, in hot or cold conditions and high humidity, to practice sport or in intense activity conditions, offer a surprising quality to use.

Up to today the best results were obtained by the use of threads with filaments of multilobar section of 4 or 6 channels. Actually this system allows the circulation of humidity and sweat in a quicker way than with the conventional construction spinning. The problem appears when the conditions are highly hot or cold combined with high humidity, since this kind of spinning has double directionality, which means it works in both directions.

In high humidity conditions, this penetrates in the multilobar channels with the same ease it goes out (increasing the sensation of cold or hot and the adhesion of the fabric to the body) as the fibre can come to be blocked and highly lose its characteristics.

With the fabrics made with the Dry Clim technology, the idea totally changes. Two different layers have been created, with independent functionality in the both sides of the fabric. In the inside side, there are special fibres of big section which create the effect of  canalize the humidity and allow a good breathability, and in the external side there are fibres of micro section which are in charge of absorb the humidity of the interior side and allow it to be evaporated quicker and to have an optimal transpiration.

If there is high humidity with cold or hot conditions, the external layer does the sponge effect in all the fabric so the body comfort increases, the temperature sensation gets better and exists a better thermal control.

The two layer combination differenced between filaments and micro-filaments, makes the inside side of the fabric let the humidity and the vapour air (transpiration) go through with ease. The external side absorbs that humidity and with the combination of the air and external temperatures, dries it quicker since it only has to act in this side and not in the whole fabric.

This effect is permanent in all the fabrics manufactured with the Dry Clim technology because of their manufacture characteristics of double lawyer and double function.

In that way we can affirm that the fabrics manufactured with that technology, have among their main virtues the ability of:

•           Improve the breathability

•           Eliminate the humidity of the body with ease

•           Keep the body fresh and comfortable

•           Not stick to the body in spite of the sweat

•           High comfort in use

•           Dry quickly

We don’t want you going out just to #runwithstyle, we want you to go out enjoying everything!

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