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Sublimation textile, our printing system

Published : 05/09/2017 18:22:37
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Sublimation textile, our printing system

The printing system used in our shirts it’s called sublimation textile printing, it is a relatively recent technique which consist on personalize or print white garments made of 100% polyester. This system is perfect for sport and technical clothes, as it doesn’t cover the fabric’s pores, and at the same time it allows the transpiration.

With the sublimation is possible to print full colour designs so the ink adheres directly to the fabric, which keeps the breathability of the shirt, since it has nothing to do with the typical vinyl patches which cause the opposite effect.

The sublimation textile printing in white polyester garments offers an excellent finish since the ink penetrates in the fabric and when we touch it there isn’t any kind of relief like how it happens in the serigraph. The transfer is applied in the garment with the industrial thermal iron.

The sublimation textile printing can just be used to sublimate synthetic fabric clothes like polyester, lycra and other kind of fabric made for this effect like polyester garments with cotton touch. The printed designs in this type of technique are incomparably realistic and have an exceptional quality.

The sublimable designs are developed mainly in 4-colour process or full colour as the price is the same for less ink. They can be applied even to stamp in seams(except in the shoulders) of the garment with the ability of creating for example a design which covers from the shirt’s back, continuing in the side and finishing in the front.

The fabric of these polyester garments is dry-fit, which means breathable and comfortable to use, and also of sport kind. These are special garments for sport, fashion, collections and textile promotional.

Sublimate: it is a Physics term which means “Move directly from the solid state to the steam”. Make the substance move from the solid state, without being liquid at any moment, is the action of sublimate.

When the textile printing is done, precisely this process occurs. What happens is that the ink with the designs are captured in the fabric moves from solid state to gaseous, and in that state is when it penetrates in the fabric and it’s attached permanently.

The textile printing is done by transferring an image printed in a paper to the garment or fabric. Thanks to the pressure and heat of the specialized press, the ink is transformed into gas, staying completely adhered to the fabric, being part of it.

Among the many advantages the sublimation has, some of them are these:

-          The printing is not removed with anything since it has been chemically merged with the fabric.

-          It is imperceptible to the touch, it’s not heavy, it doesn’t make to sweat, etc…

-          There’s not colour limit and it covers the garment 100%

-          There’s no need of Film, Clichés, Screens or any other things to do the print, it can be done in a very quick way from small quantities

-          As the image is made with a digital resolution, the result is full of vibrating colours.

-          It doesn’t lose quality with the passing of time.

-          Photographic quality in full colours.

-          It allows an almost photographic reproduction without increasing costs: the print in one colour costs the same as in 4-colour process.

So when you wear a Hoopoe you can be sure that the quality printing is the best one!

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05/18/2017 20:27:04

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