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Main nutritional tendencies for this year

Published : 02/06/2019 13:16:27
Categories : All , Nutrition

Main nutritional tendencies for this year

The new nutritional tendencies for 2019 bring flavors that reminds us to the Pacific-coast area. Regarding ingredients, the usage of the hemp is a hot-topic, brought by the legalization of cannabis in many countries, among others, according to our source Whole Foods.

The new tendencies can be summed up in 6 main points:

  1. Vegetables or meat?: everyday, more and more people (not only vegans or vegetarians) look for vegetable foods to substitute meet, because they are bored or because they are looking for a healthier alternative in their meals, and, at the same time, like to discover new flavors and ways of cooking, derived from the usage of this aliments.
  2. Environment-friendly: the increasing concern about the environment, animal welfare and sustainable agricultural production will also influence our nutritional tendencies. Some examples are the higher number of shops encouraging people to use their own bags, forbidding the sale of straws, employing women farmers, etc.
  3. New flavors: specific foods like guava, dragon fruit, Philippine sausage, prawns, etc. coming from the pacific coast, involving Asia, Oceania and areas of South-America bring with them a different taste to our meals. Those new flavors are also present in new varieties of ice-cream, like adding avocados, tahini or coconut water as ingredients.
  4. New fats: involving diets, there are new sources to eat fats, like chocolates filled up with creamed coconut. But, once again, those new fats show a tendency towards vegan products. We can also highlight the new ready-to-drink vegan coffee.
  5. Cannabis: this is also a hot-topic at the moment. Recently, cannabis has been legalized in many states, which also implies that it can be started to use it for cooking. Eventhough it is still forbidden to use cannabidol oil in food or cosmetics in many countries, many experts and consumers are interested in start using this product, so they keep updated with all the researches made on this matter. This revolutionary product is also present at fairs, conferences and innovations, which is a reason but also a consequence of the fact that everybody talking about it.
  6. Snacks: there is an increasing tendency towards innovation in snacks and sandwiches, finishing with the traditional ways of preparing and presenting them, and creating for the consumer a more appealing version of those products. In 2019, the top products that are going to gain presence in snacks are cheese and ham, as well as those that are hand-made.

If you want to get more information about nutrition, check our article about fruits here.

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