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Is collagen important for running?

Published : 08/07/2017 10:10:45
Categories : All , Nutrition

Is collagen important for running?

What is the collagen?

The collagen is the most abundant protein in our organism (in a 30%), and it’s the main component in the connective tissue. It’s essential in our body’s flexibility, as it holds its structure and determines our skin’s state.

Where do we find it?

It’s present in every fourth molecules of our body, in cartilages, ligaments, tendons, bones, skin, connective tissue that protects muscles and vital organs, in the blood vessel’s wall, the cornea, the scalp, the gums, the dentin… It forms strong and/or flexible structures. It also has locomotion functions.

In the skin, which is the largest organ in our body it represents the 70% of its weight. 67% in the cartilages, 10% in the lungs, 4% in the liver, among others.

Which role plays it in our organism?

It produces elasticity, stability, and resistance in a huge amount of tissues.

It helps in avoiding injuries and acts as a frame to hold us. From the 30 years our body starts to produce less collagen and the ageing appears, and then the risk of suffering injuries that affect our organism is higher.

What is the difference regarding the runners?

People who run lose this protein much before people who don’t do sport. Besides, the collagen is very positive as it strengths the joints, reduces the risk of injuries and increments the capacity of recovering after the exercise.

Is it recommendable to take collagen?

Yes, it is. From 40 years, and from 30 in the case of people who practice sport, as it reduces pain and strengths the joints. It also helps in fixing the calcium in bones.

Collagen can be taken during de whole year since it’s a dietary supplement, although the effects can be noticed after taking it during a month.

Are there other factors that influence the lost of collagen?

Yes. The stress, an unhealthy diet, poor sleep or smoking accelerate the lost of collagen, which has not constant levels.

How can we realize that we are losing collagen?

The lost of collagen starts with joint pain, rare injuries, more fragility in hair and nails and wrinkles appear. The articular cartilages can be worn away, producing changes in the cartilage sometimes in an imperceptible but repetitive way.

What kind of food we can eat to provide our body with collagen?

Although it’s very complicated to have optimal collagen levels in our body just with the diet, we can contribute to improve them. There are foods like chicken, pork, turkey, beef, ox, horse, and fish that are rich in collagen. However, there are also foods which help us to produce collagen, like those rich in vitamin C (orange, kiwi, pineapple, melon), vegetables (escarole, cabbage, aubergine, cauliflower), foods with aminoacids (dairy, egg white, lean meat, blue fish), red fruit (strawberries, cherries, tomatoes), food with fatty acids polyunsaturated (green leafy vegetables, seafood, blue fish) and nuts.

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