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Bilbao Night Marathon 2016

Published : 10/24/2016 10:27:01
Categories : All , Races

Bilbao Night Marathon 2016

After the timid beginning of the Half-Marathon Fair in Gijón , we went bravely to the Bilbao Night Marathon Fair. We were using our new stand for the first time, with the roll-ups, the counter and the structure for hanging the shirts which still hadn’t been taken out the box.

And everything went very well!

Many people came to the stand, quite a lot of shirts were sold (even we ran out of stock with some of them!) and we made many contacts for the future.

When the product starts seeing the light and the people feel the touch of the Dryclim fabric and sees the quality of the printing in sublimation, everything changes to better. Yes, we are a small brand, we don’t have a budget for much publicity or bigsponsorships but we will go step by step.

For the moment going to Bilbao, which is here so close to Gijón, was very appropriate. 

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