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How our shirt's seams are

Published : 02/06/2017 17:02:15
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How our shirt's seams are

In Hoopoe Running we care much about our shirt’s comfort, so a basic aspect apart from the fabric is the kind of seam they have.

This seam is called flatlock, which is specially resistant, and also ideal for movement. It’s also soft and less bulky as it doesn’t cause rubbings, or skin irritation as a result of its use. They are flat inside and outside and also resistant, as they are subject to the movement tension and in that way they don’t break, which means these seams contribute to make the garment’s life longer in a big way. They are also versatile and are made in an easy and quick way like this:

To make seams over the edge of one or two fabric pieces with the edge defined or encapsulating it or simply to join them the word used is overlock, which cuts the fabric edges at the same time they are inserted. To do this, special machines are used which work at high speed, 1000 to 9000 rpm, used in industry to treat fabric edges and sew them, in Spain we know this machines as remalladoras, in English they are called remeshers. Those use bows supplied from some cones, instead of a bobbin as it happens in traditional machines. These bows go from the needle to the fabric edges, and in that way they are encapsulated by the seam.

In remeshers the oversewing in chain stitch, cutting the excess of fabric. In that way the finish touch is neater and more refined than the one we get with a common sewing machine.

In conclusion, this kind of seam offers several advantages of great importance which we shouldn’t overlook.

-It produces less skin friction

-It emphasizes the shape of the body

-Reduces chafings and irritations in order to enjoy a maximum comfort in the race

-It’s soft and little bulky

-It’s very resistant 

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