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Eneko's experience

Published : 12/06/2016 22:58:38
Categories : All , Product

Eneko's experience

We always love to receive comments about the project or the shirts themselves, owing to this fact when we receive Eneko’s mail it made us very glad and we asked him if we could put it in our blog.

Here is the complete text. Thank you very much Eneko! Follow #runwithstyle :-)

Go Eduardo,

It’s Eneko, we met in the runner fair of the Bilbao Night Marathon. I bought you a shirt, we talked for a while and we agreed that I would tell you my experience.

So, I ran the Bilbao Night Marathon (21km) and the Behovia (20 km) with their corresponding training sessions (3 per week) and I’m very happy and satisfied with my shirt.

I think the fabric has quality and it didn’t make me any chafing. Just one day that it was pouring down during a long training (1h30) I felt some stinging in my nipples just at the end. It was superficial since in the shower I didn’t feel anything.

The shirt is comfortable as for the cut, so I consider it good.

Regarding the design, it was what drew my attention to buy it, and I think that’s the biggest value you provide. My shirt specifically is the one with red, yellow, purple and green lines. An objection is that if I go with the shirt inside my pants the green line disappears. It seems that I wear a Spanish Republic flag, what I really don’t mind.

As I told you, my option is buying a shirt without sponsors or flashy logos from multinationals, which gives me an adequate comfort and performance, and which is designed with taste and joy. I prefer that more than any free shirt. You are 100% that so I am convinced.

If you want further  information about my experience let me know. I wish you luck with the company.

Greetings from Donostia.


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