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The race starts

Published : 03/07/2016 12:48:12
Categories : All , Product

The race starts

I love running. Since I was a child I loved putting my trainers on and enjoying that feeling of freedom which running gives. There is not an easier and more universal sport. You don’t even need to put on trainers or the most technical clothes in the world. No matters if you are in Madrid, Moscow or Buenos Aires, you always see someone running, and you will know that whatever time they have, at 10km the feelings that person experiments are the same as yours when you go out in the park next to your house.

I also love marketing. I love that science that adds value to a product, discover the consumer’s needs or innovate in communication so at the end the consumer falls in love with our brand. My entire professional career was dedicated to marketing and I was lucky to work with big brands in big companies. Until the day I started thinking that maybe the running clothes could also be innovated, find a need that was moving around and that I thought much about. Why I can’t go running with a technical but also fancy shirt? Why all the running shirts have to be of fluorescent colours?

And from my passion I started my business.

-Tiago Lemos, founder

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