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The reason of the bird

Published : 03/08/2016 12:48:14
Categories : All , Curiosities

The reason of the bird

We don’t call ourselves Hoopoe just because we like them.

When we started to develop our brand, we searched for the image of an animal from the beginning. It could be any animal (apart from those ones the competition use!) but for a running brand we wanted an animal that shared the feeling of freedom that a runner has when they put their trainers on and go running. Eventually that’s the purest motivation of go running, much more than wanting to lose weight, burn calories or reduce the stress.

And among all the animals with no doubt the most free are the birds. They fly, walk, and are beautiful!

So we worked searching from A to Z every bird in the world and finally we had a list with 4 that we liked. Then we read their characteristics, looked the pictures, and the unanimous decision was the Hoopoe. The name in English sounds good and the fact of having a crest which jumps when it feels excited, on alert or while it’s flying attracted our attention. Besides, it’s a bird which has really long migratory flights, that we could nearly consider them as Ultra Trail.

So the next time you see a hoopoe in the park we hope you remember that running clothes brand.

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