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About technical shirts

Published : 01/16/2017 16:14:55
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About technical shirts

In Hoopoe Running all our shirts are technical because we believe those ones offer important benefits when we run. And that’s why we are going to talk about the reason of preferring this type of shirts and not others.

Not long ago the cotton shirts were very habitual in runners, but these have great disadvantages like its high capacity of absorbing water and its difficulty of getting rid of the humidity accumulated, which makes the shirt the double heavier and the risk of chafings increases considerably.

However, all that stops mattering with technical shirts, which offer comfortability, great breathability and lightness. They are capable of expel the sweat without ending wet, thanks to its good breathability, which takes to a better regulation of our body’s temperature, favouring the performance and avoiding the shirt being really heavy. 

Something we shouldn’t miss is that technical shirts dry very fast when we wash them, and also we don’t need to iron them, which makes us saving time.

Technical shirts seek being as much breathable as possible and two examples of fabrics for this are polyester and nylon. The fabric intertwines in a way that the shirt’s density are very low, as this is one of the things which determine the quality and final price of a technical shirt (150g/m2 is a good density for these type of shirts).

About Hoppoe Running shirts, the fabric is called DryClim, technologically developed combining different types of spinning microfibers, which make the breathability superior, eliminating the humidity so it doesn’t stick to the skin and affect the mobility.

It’s clear that technical shirts will make your training easier and make you more comfortable, and if it’s with a #fancyshirt much better!

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